Based in Madrid since 2001, Claudie is a senior qualitative researcher who first worked as a freelance on the Spanish market making the link with foreign agencies on multi-countries qualitative projects. In 2008, she founded her company, CREATIVE2VALUE, a full-service qualitative agency, building up on her consolidated multicultural, multilingual experience and skills.  Her experience includes traditional qualitative methods (focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic observations...), as well as practices on-line tools (research platforms, bulletin boards,...).

Her last creation is, a research service specially designed for start-ups to identify pain points during customer journey helping them to improve customer experience positioning..

Why is She a Lightupper?

Naturally curious and truly passionate about human relationships, Claudie believes in the power of trust and communication. She is therefore the best partner to lead, along with DOLIGHTUP, the qualitative and deep research on Masculinity in the corporate world.