Light Up is an
identity switch

There is still a long way to achieve gender equality.

In Light Up we help you or your company to take steps to reach it.
Do you feel like you don’t fit in and want to create your own ‘life manual’?
Are you among those who believe that only by bringing women and men together could we achieve a more egalitarian and fairer society?
At Light Up we believe a change is needed.
A revolution that allow Women and Men to empower themselves arising out of their identity, whatever their gender.
And the main reason is that, first and foremost, we are human beings.


  • Light Up is about turning off gender differences and lighting up what unites us.
  • We turn off posing, complacency, aggressivity and indifference. And we light up the light of diversity, equality and tolerance as engines for innovation and engagement within organisations.
  • We love making a difference and don’t want to get unnoticed.
  • We believe in Diversity, equality and tolerance as triggers for innovation and engagement within organizations.
  • We leave behind negativism to open up to the power of love, humour and peace.
  • We love women and men but we believe that, in addition to empowering women, it is necessary to create new masculinities to reach equality.
  • We believe we are all potential leaders when, and only when, we connect with our inner light.
  • Yes, we can…change the world and the society through gaining self-esteem, breaking down prejudices and taking small and significant decisions.
  • And we know, that on the other side of fear, there is a place created to shelter our dreams.
  • Above all, we are a revolution. The revolution of personal and cultural identity.




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